Recycling Plant Pots

Amazingly the U.K produces 500 million plant pots every year. Its no suprise then that millions of these pots end up in landfill sites around the country. As they are made from plastic and do not biodegrade naturally they hang around for hundreds of years in landfill which is bad news for the environment.

plant pots

A new campaign has been launched to encourage the public to recycle their old plant pots. The public can now take their old plant pots and seed trays back to most nurseries and garden centres where they will be sent to be recycled into new plastic.

While this is good news and a step in the right direction why aren’t manufacturers being forced to switch to more eco friendly materials in their production of these pots in the first place? Like many new ‘eco’ initiatives it should be welcomed as a positive move but doesn’t seem to address the root (excuse the pun) of the problem.

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