Reuse Eco Tips

Reuse Eco TipsThis month we will be looking at ways we can reuse every day packaging and waste instead of sending it to landfill. We have selected 5 objects that once finished with can be transformed into something totally different.

1.Margarine Tubs

Once washed and dried these can be cut into strips and used for plant labels in the garden.


Many of the tetrapak cartons, particularly the fruit juice and smoothie cartons, can be turned inside out and once washed can be used as foil for craft projects and making cards.

magazine rack  3. Cereal Boxes

Cereal boxes can be made into magazine tidies. Simply cut the box into shape and hey presto you have a tidy. You can glue more boxes together and if you are feeling really creative you can cover them in off cuts of wrapping paper, wall paper or pages from calendars.    

rope swing 4.Tyres

Apparently old tyres can be taken to petrol stations where they will be sent to be recycled. More inventive ideas for old tyres include being made into a rope swing, sand pit or garden container for flowers.


With the growth of free CDs and DVDs in newspapers and magazines  the 101 things to do with CDs  website has a host of ideas which  include using them as frisbees, drink coasters and wallpaper.