Rewind Glassware Now Available at ECOutlet

Every year 600,00 tonnes of glass bottles are discarded from pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes in the UK with up to 75% of these ending up in landfill.

For the past nine years, designer Andy Martin has been making his own contribution towards reducing that figure by collecting discarded bottles from pubs and restaurants in the London’s West End and moving them to his workshop in Islington where the bottles are then transformed by hand into a series of charming drinking goblets and dining glasses.

The benefits of recycling glass include energy savings, reductions in the demand for raw materials, less waste going to landfill and lower emissions. If recycled glass is used to make new bottles and jars, 315 kg of CO2 are saved for every tonne of recycled glass used, however Andy’s efforts go one step further as the transformation process from glass bottle to dining glass involves re-using the glass bottle rather than recycling it, an even more energy efficient process. For his puropses, the bottles don’t need to be melted down or re-heated which results in a further reduction in the amount of energy used by up to 90% compared to recycling the bottles.

Up until now this distinctive glassware range has been available at a small number of markets across London but following a successful introductory period, online green shop ECOutlet are pleased to announce the entire recycled glassware range is now available for customers across the UK from their website.