Book Review: Save Pounds & The Planet by Jeanette Buckle

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‘Save Pounds & The Planet’ by Jeanette Buckle is a user friendly guide for people who want live to live greener and save time and money. This isn’t a book about buying expensive, luxurious and superfluous eco items, it’s all about simple, straightforward swaps with practical advice about saving energy, resources, rubbish and quite often your time too.

The book is divided into sections (room & zones) and includes things like the weekly shop, bedroom, laundry and cooking etc. Along with easy eco tips and advice it also contains statistics to help you see exactly what a difference you can make. It also has a handy key so you can see what you’ll be saving in terms of time, money, waste and resources etc.

I love the section on ironing which gives down to earth advice such as ‘Avoid ironing where possible, hang garments outside or indoors on an airier to reduce ironing, or you can use coat hangers if you wish too’ (music to my ears) whilst giving practical information about how to save energy if you do have to iron shirts and jumpers. Jeanette also recommends green cleaning, decluttering, bulk buying, reuse and kinder alternatives to household chemicals in the guide.

As the book is presented in the form of a handbook it is easy to dip in and out off and is written in a very accessible way. The book also contains an extensive, informative reference list which signposts an array of websites, articles and products to help you on your sustainability journey.

Jeannette Buckle has worked in the environmental sector for over 24 years, has been a Master Composter since 2007 and is an Energy Champion so is well placed on advising the public on green living. To order a copy of the book or ebook visit the authors website here

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