Say It With Bamboo This Christmas

December 2008 sees the launch of the Christmas Gifts Guide from Bambienti. Bambienti is a new brand which designs and produces furniture and accessories made entirely out of Bamboo, a material that offers strength, style and natural sustainability. Their designs are all hand-made in family-run workshops and currently include solid, glass-topped and occasional tables, seating, screens, storage and shelving, lighting, accessories and garden water features.

Bambienti was founded by Charles Colbourne a procurement specialist who has previously worked within the marketing and advertising sectors. Colbourne had originally set out to produce a small range of handmade furniture using sustainable timber but found that such materials were often very hard to access for the small artisan type producers he wanted to work with in developing countries. The brand is seeking to appeal to the growing ethical household consumer market where buyers are concerned about the impact their products have on both producers and the environment.

Natural sustainability is one of the most significant advantages Bamboo offers over conventional timber. When a conventional tree is cut down it is gone forever, in contrast Bamboo requires no replanting after harvesting. This is because it has an extensive net like root system that keeps sending up new
shoots. The underlying principle behind the Bambienti brand is that their efforts should not simply stop at the point of sourcing a green material. Rather that any effort to improve long term sustainability for the planet is dependent upon the success brands have in enabling communities who continue to live off of their
land access to sustainable materials and methods.

Bambienti are currently offering a 20% discount on their collection, to view their range of sustainable furniture please visit the Bambienti website.

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