Simple Ways That Medical Businesses Can Go Greener This Winter

It’s never been clearer that businesses in every sector need to take drastic action to improve their
sustainability right now. The news is a constant cycle of soaring temperatures and forest fires.
Medical businesses have a unique opportunity to embrace sustainability and make environmentally
conscious choices. Going green not only benefits the planet but can also lead to cost savings and
improved reputation. There are several straightforward steps that medical businesses can take to
make a positive impact this winter, from energy conservation to waste reduction,

Embrace Energy Efficiency

Hospitals and medical facilities are known for their high energy consumption due to round-the-clock
operations and specialised equipment. However, several strategies can be employed to minimise
energy usage.
Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting can massively reduce energy usage. LED lights use up to
75% less energy than traditional bulbs and last longer. That means lower maintenance and
replacement costs.
Installing smart HVAC systems that can be programmed to adjust temperatures based on occupancy
can lead to substantial energy savings. Additionally, regular maintenance of heating and cooling
equipment ensures optimal efficiency.

Ensure That Testing Is Conducted To The Highest Standard

Anyone who operates a medical business knows that testing is essential. You need to ensure that
you’re doing your due diligence and that the people you are trusting with your testing are taking the
same approach. It’s easy to get disheartened when there are stories about sewage in the water
people are swimming in. But customers and clients deserve the best testing, and so does our planet.
For example, extractables and leachables are so important to test for a new medical device. Make
sure that anyone you are giving your testing to understands extractables and leachables testing requirements.
Broughton is your one-stop solution for all of your extractables and leachables
analysis and testing.

Focus On Sustainable Procurement

Choosing sustainable products and suppliers can make a significant difference in a medical business's
environmental impact.
Look for suppliers that offer eco-friendly medical supplies, such as biodegradable gloves and
recyclable packaging. This not only reduces waste but also supports the demand for more
sustainable products in the market. When purchasing new medical equipment, opt for models that
have high energy efficiency ratings. Energy-efficient equipment reduces operational costs and
decreases the overall carbon footprint.

Optimise Waste Management

Proper waste management is essential for any medical business striving to be more environmentally
friendly. Medical facilities generate a substantial amount of waste, much of which can be harmful to
the environment if not managed correctly.

Set up comprehensive recycling programs to ensure that materials like paper, cardboard, plastic, and
glass are diverted from landfills. Clearly labelled recycling bins and staff education can encourage
proper sorting. Single-use plastics and other disposable items contribute to unnecessary waste.
Medical businesses can explore alternatives, such as reusable containers and cloth gowns, to
decrease their reliance on single-use items.

In Conclusion

This winter, medical businesses in the UK have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the
environment by adopting greener practices. From embracing energy efficiency and renewable
energy sources to optimising waste management and promoting sustainable procurement,
numerous simple steps can be taken. By implementing these strategies, medical businesses can not
only reduce their carbon footprint but also inspire positive change within the healthcare sector and
beyond. Going green is not only a responsible choice but also a way to ensure a healthier planet for
current and future generations.