Solar Panel Victory in Leamington's Conservation Area

A Leamington woman has won the right to erect solar panels on the side of her house despite opposition from the conservation advisory forum. Janet Alty an environmental campaigner and Green Party member urged Warwick District Council’s planning committee to allow her to put up solar panels on her property which is in a conservation area.

Permission was granted by the council allowing Janet to install the panels on a three year trial basis. There were no objections to the scheme by local people in the area although some local conservative councillors were against the proposal citing it as ‘a waste of time’ and Coun George Illingworth of kenilworth Abbey claiming ‘that it would only be an advertisement for the green lobby’

Counciller Roger Copping said ‘We have a difficult choice. It is between preserving the past and ensuring the future for our children and grandchildren. It is a very serious application and it is trying to help. It is what everybody will have to do in the future’

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