5 Interesting Facts About Solar Panels and Solar Energy

solar panels, green home

You have probably heard that solar panels can help you save money on your energy bills and that they are great for the environment. However, sometimes that is all some people know about them. In this article, we will look at some lesser-known facts about solar panels that you should know about, especially if you are considering switching to solar energy.

Solar Panels Can Produce Power without Direct Sunlight

While solar panels absorb and convert sunlight into energy, it does not have to be direct sunlight. Modern solar panels are so efficient that they can capture different light spectrums. Even on cloudy days, the hues reflected by the clouds still reach the solar panel and even though the energy yield might be low, the solar panel still produces some energy under these conditions.

Solar Panels Give Underutilised Land Some Value

In most countries, there are certain regions that have lots of underutilised land. These areas are usually far away from cities and commercial hubs. Installing solar farms on this land makes use of it and helps generate value from it. Additionally, the use of this land for solar energy generation means we do not have to utilise precious land that can be used for other purposes instead of energy generation. This way, we get better use of both useful and underutilised land.

Solar Energy Pays for Itself

One of the things that turn a lot of people off when it comes to solar energy systems is the initial cost. Although the cost of solar panels and associated accessories has been falling for decades, a lot of people still hold back. However, the value of solar lies in the amount you save. Once you have the solar panels installed, you no longer have to pay for heating or electricity, especially if the panel installed has enough capacity to match all of your needs. All the savings made will pay off the investment made in getting the solar system installed.

If you live in sunny areas such as Perth in Australia, you are at an advantage because there is enough sunny weather to ensure your solar panels produce enough power for all your domestic and commercial uses. To realise these savings and the convenience of using solar power, you can get in touch with Renew Energy who install solar panels in Perth. They only use trusted solar panel and equipment brands while maintaining high-quality standards and offering their customers very competitive prices.

Solar Power is Abundant

According to the latest estimates, one hour of solar energy from the sun can power the whole earth for an entire year. The only limitation is our ability to build enough solar panels to harness all the power we can get from the sun.

Solar Power Goes Beyond The Home

Solar energy is finding applications outside the home too. Solar energy is being used in cars and trains, and there is even research into using solar energy for the aviation industry. Solar energy can help us leave oil, coal and other fossil fuels in the ground if we build enough capacity to harness all the solar energy reaching the earth. This can have a massive positive effect on our environment while offering us the savings that come with installing a solar power system.