Solar Panels Now Within Reach Of The Average Home Owner

Over the past 12 months JHS Solar Solutions have installed over 100 solar photovoltaic systems with a combined kWp (kilowatt peak) of over 363kW. These systems have the potential to generate 331,184 kWh of electricity in a green and sustainable manner. This positive action will contribute to a reduction in the UK’s carbon emissions of up to 137,773Kg and over the next 25 years these systems will prevent 2,483.88g of high level nuclear waste*

You may be concerned that this environmental benefit comes at a cost that is beyond the reach of the typical home owner. This need not be the case. Generally, a system from JHS will pay for itself in less than 10 years. Add to this a guaranteed income for 25 years and this effectively adds up to 15 years of significant profit generation. Typically you can expect to receive £33,000 over 25 years on an initial outlay of £11,000. This equates to an average annual return of 8%, all of which is tax free! In addition to this, your income is guaranteed, index linked and your savings on your electricity consumption will increase as the cost of supply increases.

If you would like to find out more about how you can take a positive step towards protecting the environment as well as investing in something with fantastic returns, all of which are guaranteed for the next 25 years, then speak to a member of the team at JHS Solar Solutions on 0845 302 4779.

As independent, ethical suppliers and installers of solar photovoltaic panels, tiles and slates, we offer friendly, no obligation advice. So call us today to see if we can help you become part of the Green Revolution!

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