Spring Cleaning Reuse & Recycle Tips

As the sun starts to shine a little longer, and we’re getting out in the garden again, some of us are even venturing into lofts and long forgotten drawers and cabinets. Read our article below to see  who could make use of those items no longer needed in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom cupboards.

Some charities and organisations have specific drives to collect items such as kitchen utensils or linen to send overseas.  Aquabox which is a disaster relief scheme can make use of clean cotton sheets, cutlery, plastic beakers, small handtools, unopened toiletries and sewing equipment.  More Info

Closer to home, furniture re-use shops can take unwanted furniture, electrical items and bric-a-brac to help those less fortunate and save items from landfill. A useful website to check out is the Furniture Re-use Network – www.frn.org.uk – visit this website to find your nearest re-use centre.

The credit crunch also seems to be affecting  humble charity shops too so don’t forget to take your unwanted clothes, homewares and accessories to your local shop.  If you have old towels, sheets and bedding that are not good enough quality for resale then contact a local pet rescue centre who may be happy to take these type of items of your hands.  More details here

Other bits and bobs found around the home can also be recycled. Foreign coins can be recycled here, wedding dresses at Oxfam bridal, books at green metropolis and  many opticians will take your old glasses and specs to donate for use in the third world. Some gardening centres will even take plant pots for recycling too.

Last but not least don’t forget the very useful ‘Freecycle’. A free online trading post, where people can come collect the items from you!

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