Stupendous Eco Gift Ideas for Guys

Don’t miss Pure Design’s top three gifts for eco guys this Christmas

Who’s? Glass Absolut Cocktail Jug, £25.00
We know this jug is going to be an Absolut winner this Christmas! The Absolut jug is hand made by the Devon based design trio Who’s? Glass. The jug is made from Absolut vodka bottles collected from Devon bars and eateries which are then re-blown by Lars, Anders and Matthew (the father and sons team). Only a limited number of any one design is produced owing to the availability of their recycled raw materials, so make sure you get your order in ahead of the crowd!

EaKo ‘Slider’ fire hose belt, £25.00
Olivia Cole from Evening Standard writes, “This season, I’ll be mostly wearing fire hose…. From Cameron Diaz and Leonard Cohen, to Keane, this tough but malleable red plastic has become a “hero material” for eco-friendly accessories.” The slider belt made from salvaged London fire hose is an indispensible part of any guy’s wardrobe. At 3.5cm wide this belt comes in one size only, extra large, but it is really easy to modify. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors… 50% of EaKo’s profits on sales of this belt are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.

All natural Cork mobile phone, iPAD & Laptop Covers by Ryan Frank
These eco friendly covers are priced £12.00-£25.00. The cover is designed by London based product designer Ryan Frank. Their amazing cork cover range is naturally springy and cushioning, and offers unrivalled shock absorbing protection, naturally watertight resisting spillages, mould and mildew and extremely lightweight, making it ideal to carry around whatever the weather.

Ryan is one of Pure Design’s many talented designers currently selling his unique and contemporary designs via Pure Design’s online store,


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