Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Packaging is Possible!

Leavs Ltd has been set up by a Norfolk farming family who have developed their range of products in response to a number of growing ecological problems caused by modern living.

Packing has long been flagged as a growing problem within today’s society, with much of it being non-recyclable and sent off to landfill. Leavs Ltd have developed a void fill product that is organic, cost effective and due to its attractive nature impossible not to recycle if not dispose of conscientiously at the very least.

You can recycle any of leaves ltd’s variations by leaving them out for birds to use as nesting, putting onto compost heaps, using as pot pourri, putting in green or brown bins, the list is endless.

Leavs Ltd offer a wonderful alternative to conventional packaging. Using a variety of natural products and dried botanicals Leavs products have a unique look that celebrates our natural resources.

Research has shown that customers who received goods packaged in Leafil have been overwhelmed to see their goods so beautifully protected. They are not only talking about the packaging but Leavs have had a huge response from people excited to share the various ways in which they have reused the products. Leavs products can be naturally dyed and/or scented to incorporate company colours and scents unique to any business.

One of the greatest properties identified about Leavs products during research and trials has been people’s desire to recycle the product. Because the products are so attractive people actively want to recycle it rather than just dispose of it as quickly as possible. With Leavs organic credentials and people actively choosing to recycle it, it’s fast becoming the number one choice in responsible packaging.

Leavs Ltd has massive potential to enhance any product it is associated with. In light of some of the recent government statements about their determination to address the increasing effect packaging is having on landfill it is hoped that more and more companies will turn to companies such as Leavs Ltd for packaging solutions.

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