Switch To Dr Bronner Soaps For A Healthy, Sustainable 2016

So you’ve made your new years resolutions at the beginning of January but as we head into February how many of them have you actually kept? If any of them were to be healthier, greener or to shop more ethically then an easy way to achieve these is to switch to the Dr Bronner’s range of liquid and bar soaps.

Choosing Dr Bronner soaps is not only a positive change for your health but the planets too. The soaps are 100% true pure-castile soaps and the high foaming lather of their soaps is due to their coconut oil content rather than any added synthetic detergent. The range is biodegradable and also suitable for vegetarians and vegans making them very earth friendly.

Since it’s inception almost all of the income that is not needed for growing the business is contributed to charitable, social and environmental causes, and to community development programs. Environmental protection, youth support, peace and human rights campaigns have also been supported by the Dr Bronner Foundation.

Here at GreenFinder HQ we swear by the 18 in 1 liquid magic soap. We mainly use it as handwash but we also take it with us to the gym and when we go swimming as it doubles as a shower gel and shampoo. The ‘baby mild’ soap is perfect for myself and toddlers after our swim. It lathers well, is kind to sensitive skin and a little goes a long way. For a natural, ethical product it works out very affordable especially as its so versatile and has so many uses. Take a look at its many uses here

The bar soaps are also great products for any green household. They come in a variety of fragrances including our favourite lavender along with almond, green tea, rose and peppermint.

To find your nearest stockist call: 0845 072 5825 or visit  www.kinetic4health.co.uk

It is also available on the UK website: www.drbronner.co.uk

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