The Alfa Romeo EV – Its Range and Future Plans

The Alfa Romeo is one of the most successful but unheralded vehicle brands in the UK, with
the company’s total revenue expected to reach some $2,733 million at the end of this year .

While future growth is expected to be incremental rather than exponential, the brand’s
upcoming EV range will unlock boundless potential, while Alfa Romeo has pledged to
become a fully electric car manufacturer by 2027.

We’ll explore this further below, while taking a closer look at some of the vehicles in the
Alfa Romeo EV brands.

The Future of the Alfa Romeo is Green – What do we Know so Far?

The decision to transform Alfa Romeo into a fully electric brand was the brainchild of parent
company Stellantis, with a fully electric line-up of vehicles expected to be in place by 2027.

In this respect, Alfa Romeo will follow in the footsteps of brands like Jaguar and Mercedes-
Benz, who will go fully electric themselves by 2025 . Ford are also forging a similar path, and
there’s no doubt that Alfa Romeo are keen to compete with these rivals going forward.

What’s more, Opel and Fiat (who are relatively close rivals to Alfa Romeo) are expected to
go fully electric in 2028 and 2030 respectively, so the brand has been quick to make its mark
and potentially gain a competitive advantage in this particular space.

This also highlights how the transition will be considerably easier due the presence of four
platforms developed specifically for different electric vehicles. These cover vehicles
including hatches and crossovers, medium and large frame models, which are currently
promising to offer a range of anywhere between 500 and 800km.

What are the Key Alfa Romeo Models?

The question that remains, of course, is which models will comprise the Alfa Romeo all-
electric range? Let’s get into it!

#1. Tonale SUV: The all-new Alfa Romeo Tonale will be a direct rival for the Audi
Q3 and BMW X1, while it’s set to launch globally on February 8 th at 2pm. A 1.3-litre
turbocharged model with an electric motor and four-wheel drive, it’s an SUV that
packs a real punch and will boast up to 240hp and approximately 30 miles of pure
electric range!

#2. Alfa Romeo’s B-Segment Crossover: This model will follow the Tonale and
represents a much smaller crossover vehicle, although the B-Segment Crossover will
also be categorised as an SUV. This model has a choice of two electrified drivetrains ;
namely a plug-in 4xe and a 130hp mild-hybrid with an e-motor (which enables it to
drive at low speeds while in pure electric mode).

#3. The Giulia Saloon: The aforementioned STLA platforms will sire replacements
for many models in the Alfa line-up, with the upcoming Giulia Saloon at the head of
this list. This model will have an unconfirmed date in 2024, while it’s expected to
place an emphasis on design and deliver exceptional performance. More will be
known about this in 2023, but it’s set to be a transformative model in the popular Alfa
Romeo range.

If you are considering one of the models in this article, it could be a good idea to research
them in more detail, consider something like Alfa Romeo gap insurance, and work out
which would best suit your lifestyle.