The Big Green Eco Fair

For our second event of 2008 we were invited to the little village of Whittington in Staffordshire. I was really looking forward to the event especially as they had managed to get Penney Poyzener and Mark Lynas at their open evening on the Thurday to lauch their low carbon village initiative.

When we arrived at 10.15 on the Saturday morning there was already a buzz in the village hall with over 20 stalls and lots of people milling about. The event was opened by the town crier and an ice sculpture of a polar bear was unveiled…..

ice sculpture

From that point onwards it was non stop, people streamed through the doors and at most events there are always lulls there was no such thing here. People travelled from Birmingham, Walsall, Tamworth and Lichfield to the event. Throughout the afternoon there was a constant throng of people at the stall and by the end of the afternoon my voice was hoarse from talking to so many people. For a tiny village location it managed to be one of the busiest events we have ever been to and the best part of it was that all the visitors were genuinely interested in making changes to their lifestyle to help fight climate change.

The event committee did a fantastic job of getting so many interested people through the door and what a friendly bunch they were too.

Thanks WFEG
green fair