The Clear Skin Cook Book

If you believe you are what you eat and want to improve the condition of your skin then ‘The Clear Skin Cook Book’ by Dale Pinnock is for you.

Not only does it contain recipes for various skin conditions but it also outlines the important minerals and nutrients our skin needs from vitamin A to Zinc. Its author also known as the ‘Medicinal Chef’ shares his knowledge about the foods and recipes which can help the condition of your skin.

The book also explains how what you eat affects how your skin ages and provides advice on how your skin will benefit from the right foods. If you suffer from ailments such as acne, eczema and psoriasis then it’s certainly worth taking a look at the recipes Dale recommends. The recipes are straightforward, simple and very accessible and unlike similar books are not time consuming or complicated.

The Clear Skin Cook Book is available to buy online at Goodness Direct

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