The Dawn of a Thirsty Century

You would believe with all the rain we have experienced lately that the last thing you need to worry about is saving water.  We are told reservoirs are full and water tables are bursting to the point of overflow?

We are all aware that rainwater in a natural resource however, many overlook that clean drinking water is in fact, a very expensive by-product and all indications show this by-product will become increasingly more expensive and scarce in the future.

Without scaremongering the fact is world-wide, fresh water supplies are becoming an ever increasing problem to excess.  When we the modern world hear of water shortages we automatically think about a temporary hosepipe ban due to a hot summer or maybe a locally burst pipe?

The Dawn of a Thirsty Century

The amount of water in the world is limited. The human race, and the other species which share the planet, cannot expect an infinite supply. Alex Kirby BBC environment correspondent

Rich countries face increasing water shortages, a report by conservation organisation WWF. Imogen Foulkes BBC News, Geneva.
We are standing under endless Fenland skies.   It’s not yet eight in the morning but already the sun is warm and high.  The UK needs to plan ‘now’ for a future that will be hotter and bring greater extremes of flood and drought,   Environment Secretary Hilary Benn

In an incredibly short time we, humanity, have achieved eons of amazing tasks, walking on the moon, creating miracle cures, performing amazing surgery, why science can even manufacture diamonds in four days, this is something that takes nature millions of years to perfect!  The potential for mankind skills are truly amazing and the list for us ‘mere mortals’ to perform such miracles appears endless.

Here are a few facts about water.

  • There is no more water on this planet now than there was when the dinosaurs first walked on planet earth.
  • The drinking water we consumed today has already been consumed at least eight times before.
  • Of all the water on the planet 97% is too salty to drink.
  • Of that 3%, a further 2% is stockpiled within earth’s icecaps: as the icecaps melt this simply creates more salt water.
  • Of the 1% water remaining a staggering 75% of that is used the rotate the cogs of the modern world and irrigate agriculture.
  • That means today only 0.25% (one quarter of one percent of water) is now available to all living species on planet earth.

What really startles me is despite mankind’s ability to seamlessly create endless miracles science cannot create one single extra droplet of water!
We look upon oil as being the King of all liquids?   We have done and we will have to, exist without oil one day.
Water is essential to all living organisms “Make Every Drop Count”!   

Kevin Rickard, The Water Guardian