The Eco Alternative To Bottled Water

Britons alone buy 13 billion plastic bottles every year. With 10 billion of these ending up in landfill it is the equivalent of filling Wembley stadium three times over every twelve months.

Established with the aim to help reduce plastic waste, is the only UK-based independent online bottle shop, stocking more than 9 different brands and in excess of 50 different bottle varieties as well as a host of accessories. There are over 9 styles available at new online shop, from a 1 litre bottle which folds down to the size of a (thin) wallet, to completely natural charcoal-based water filters and an unsuspecting looking bottle which purifies water from normally un-drinkable sources.

Resuablebottle is a one-stop shop for this year’s must have eco-accessory – the reusable bottle. It is more than just encouraging people to be eco-savvy explains the brand’s founder Dan Brousson: “We wanted to create a single point where individuals could find a bottle which reflects their personality, a practical need or conveys a message they want to share with the world.” Reusable founder, Daniel Brousson is a dedicated campaigner for plastic alternatives. He has already achieved success with the Onya Bags range, a collection of durable, lightweight bags which fold down into a compact size making it easier than ever for people to carry them ‘on-ya’ as the brand suggests.

The individuals behind Reusable do their research too; only stocking products from brands with sound environmental and ethical production methods. To view the Reusablebottle collection please visit their website.

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