The Eco Spa That’s Good For The Body, Soul & Planet

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Titanic Spa, the first eco spa in the UK is celebrating its ten year anniversary. It has welcomed 290,00 guests in this time and boasts an array of eco friendly features. Based in west Yorkshire and nestled in the Linthwaite Valley, just outside Huddersfield, the building is based in an old textile mill which was built in 1911 (the same year the Titanic set sail, hence the name).

Our Stay

The team at GreenFinder experienced first hand the relaxing, calm and indulgent atmosphere of the Titanic Spa.  We thoroughly enjoyed our overnight stay and highlights included swimming in the beautiful salt regulated pool and their speciality heat and ice experience which consisted of various saunas and steam rooms contrasted with an ice room, freezing plunge pool and ice bucket showers (brrrrr).  I loved the tranquillity of the herbal infusion room and came out feeling completely refreshed but wasn’t quite hardy enough to try the plunge pool.


Treatments on offer include those from natural and organic brands and alternative therapies such as reiki and reflexology can also be sampled onsite. I took advantage of a soft feet treatment which left me feeling extremely pampered.

We stayed in a spacious, comfortable and well equipped apartment and enjoyed a delicious lunch and dinner at their bistro of which the majority of the food was locally sourced. At the end of a very restful day we went to unwind in their 1911 bar where we savoured some extremely decadent cocktails.

Green Credentials

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So why, may you ask, is Titanic Spa any different to any other spa and how is it greener? Well, there are a number of features which make it stand out as a beacon of sustainability. Firstly the redevelopment in 2005 set new standards in green building and Titanic Mill invested £1.5 million to create a carbon neutral building. Solar PV roof panels and a CHP (combined heat & power) unit provided heat and electricity throughout the building. The unit runs on wood chippings.

It also happens to be built on the site of a spring which enables the spa to source pure Yorkshire water for their drinking water, swimming pool, showers and their heat and ice experience. The windows installed are Low U value windows which virtually eliminate draughts and all lighting and appliances throughout the building are energy efficient.

Interestingly they also use an innovative laundry system called OTEX which is based onsite (meaning no transportation is involved) This unique system is also used by many hospitals and leads the way in energy efficiency as it washes with cool temperatures and delivers continuous ozonated water which leaves linen 100% disinfected.


2016 has seen the spa win many accolades and in the recent ‘World Spa Awards’ held in Pomtresina in Switzerland the team at Titanic scooped ‘Best Luxury Eco Spa’ and ‘Best Luxury Destination Spa.’ Attracting thousands of entries and votes from spa users to industry consultants the awards highlight the achievements they have made in sustainability and why Titanic has become a benchmark for many new spa developments in the UK industry.

Why I Loved Titanic

What I loved most about Titanic was the fact that once through the doors it felt like many other Spa’s with an atmosphere of indulgence and relaxation yet unlike the others its carbon footprint is minimal and the building is leading the way in all things clean, green and energy efficient. It was wonderful to see and experience a place that was truly low impact but felt high impact in terms of luxury and comfort.

If you’d like more information about Titanic Spa you can visit their website here  More details about their pioneering green building can be found here.

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