The Eco Wedding Dress 'Remnanta'

Julie Dutton tells us how she created her elegant eco bridal gown for the recent Eco Chic Wedding and Home Show.

I set about making this gown using a pile of fabric in the studio – which is not how I usually begin my commission work!  Using scraps of silks, chiffon and beautiful marocain for the bodice form and tulle for layers of skirt. I found it easy to be inspired by a collection of leftovers, I hate throwing anything away!

Gradually, a truly Cinderella dress began to take shape. It was the enchantment of rags to riches. Cinderella tended a hearth until “the dress and shoes” served to transform her into a beauty fit for a prince’s gaze. In the dress (pictured) you can see the torn scraps giving an instant vitality.The dress seems to be enjoying its remnants for the thought of what previously existed. The idea of trashing the wedding dress, of making the perfect to become imperfect is sewn into the very embellishment of this design.

Recycling, the concept that worthy constituents of one creation become elements of a newer one, was there in the fairytale and can work in any handmade 21st century bridal gown.

Encouraged by a call from the team at the Eco Chic fair I  sourced a selection of organic silks that this style could be repeated in. I will seek to advise my future clients of the value of an organic silk dress and the unique style that can evolve when using interesting remnants or restyling vintage pieces.

Julie can be contacted on 01926 748710, through her website or can be emailed at