The Ethical Diamonds That Really Are Forever

Leblas, the ethical jewellers have launched the perfect guilt free diamond!

The collection which includes heart diamond pendants, rings and earrings are all made with ethical 18ct white gold sourced from Oro Verde in Columbia. The gold has a 15% premium paid to the miners and the miners work in a co-operative to ensure they protect the environment.

The diamonds and rubies are all from known souces in Canada and Tanzania where both the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land along with final prices are all given careful consideration.

Any of the heart diamond collection pieces are the perfect diamond gift for this valentines or even as a simple token of love at any time of the year.

Leblas believe that ethical jewellery has to be design led so they design an create beautiful pieces that can be treasured.

To view the new collection and to see more of Leblas’s gorgeous jewellery please visit their website on the link below.