The Fully Integrated Zero-Draught Letterbox System

The latest ‘Ecoflap Twin’ product has the capability to unlock the secret to a completely draught-free door, whilst retaining a letterbox aperture. The product has caused a stir amongst door manufacturers because of its elegant and simple design.

Jessel innovations, a husband and wife team from Reading, introduced the new revolutionary draught-free letterbox system ‘Ecoflap Twin’ at Ecobuild 2011. This latest product comes after the success of the original ‘Ecoflap’, which was well received at the corresponding event in 2008, particularly by the passive housing sector.

Richard Jessel, inventor of both products, has a long history in successful design engineering- anything from metal detectors, cash machines, lie detectors to touch screen TV’s. The Ecoflap range is probably the most simple and yet the most ingenious in Richard’s portfolio of designs.

The original successful ‘Ecoflap’ is a draught-excluder, which retrofits to an existing letter box and is available to the consumer in its own right. The latest product ‘Ecoflap Twin’ is a complete letterbox system, designed to be fully integrated into a door at the manufacturing stage. It shares the same technology as the original Ecoflap, but provides a permanent elegant solution for a completely integrated zero-draught letterbox. The design is surprisingly simple. Unlike other letterboxes and draught excluding systems available on the market, neither product has untidy brushes or harsh springs. They simply rely on basic science and gravity. Whilst allowing large items to be posted through the aperture with the lightest of touch, the Ecoflap Twin provides a completely draught-proof barrier when in the closed position. The more draught there is, the tighter the seal; thus reducing expensive energy costs.

Not only is the Ecoflap brand endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. The original Ecoflap has been successfully installed in passive housing by an Associated Architect in Birmingham with impressive results. Both the Ecoflap and Ecoflap Twin significantly exceed building regulations draught-proof requirements. Both products have undergone rigorous testing and, due to the simplicity of the design, wear and tear is minimized. The Ecoflap Twin can be easily fireproofed with an additional intumescent seal incorporated at manufacture stage.

As well as saving on heating costs, the Ecoflap range can accommodate larger packages than most current letterbox systems of the same aperture. This added benefit stems from the absence of springs and brushes, a feature that is a very important in these times of ‘internet purchasing’ trends. As neither product is equipped with mechanical parts, the postman is more likely to post packages all the way through, rather than leaving them wedged part-way through.

The original Ecoflap retrofit is currently available to the consumer online and comes in a choice of three colours, manufactured in plastic. Jessel Innovations plans to launch the product in a variety of materials, particularly those that are sustainable, once orders reach a viable level. The fully integrated Ecoflap Twin is not yet in production, so choices of materialand colours depend on client requirements. Quotes can be obtained from Anne Jessel,

Richard Jessel, the inventor of both products, says: “The science behind this revolutionary letterbox system can be applied to many different uses and I have been working on a range of follow-up products, which we plan to launch over the next year or so. We really want to get this letterbox solution out into the mainstream market as we see it as the first in line of many applications for the design. One of the key objectives is to break into the door manufacturer market with the Ecoflap Twin.”

For more information about the product and details on styles and prices contact Anne Jessel, Marketing/Partner, Jessel Innovations at Tel. 01189 872398.

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