The Wedding Dress Made From Toilet Paper

In 2007 a competition was launched encourgaing brides to create a wedding dress made from toilet paper. The entries into the competition were suprisingly stylish and the winner Hannah Kim is pictured below in her lovely toilet paper creation

Whilst not the perfect solution for an eco wedding we do give it a green thumbs up for quite a few reasons. Firstly, after the big day you can simply sprinkle with water and toss it in the compost bin as it’s completely biodegradable.¬† Secondly it’s possible that it can be made entirely with recycled paper¬† and thirdly you can be assured its hand made and sweat shop free.

I’m afraid we wont have any toilet paper wedding dresses on display at our wedding show next month although there will be alternatives that will be just as green.

To view more of the competition entries click here or visit Conscious Elegance for real eco wedding dress inspiration.