Tips For A Healthy Winter Glow

A changeable forecast

Your skin changes from day to day, depending on the season, weather, health and your physical and emotional wellbeing.  It also alters between day and night so you need to use the right products for the different moods of the skin.

Ultimately everyone’s skin is unique and it is important to know what works for you and what makes your skin feel good, so being aware of what can affect this is one of the most important factors when choosing the right skin care products.

Tips for a healthy winter glow

  • Cold wind and heating (also very hot showers and baths) will dry out the skin, leaving it flaky, itchy and robbing it of vital moisture. Use a scrub to remove the dead cells, making the skin look fresher, brighter and smoother, and then follow with a nourishing mask and moisturise at night so the skin can heal.
  • To protect the skin from thermal shock, the skin needs to retain the water barrier and needs protection to seal in moisture. Use a high quality moisturiser cream rich in Vitamins E & D and don’t forget your lip balm.
  • The hair also suffers during the winter months, so it is important to use a nourishing hair treatment to keep your hair silky smooth.
  • A good way to brighten your face in the dark winter months is to use a light colour bronzer and lightly brush over the whole face or apply as if the sun is shining on your face from above.

At there is an extensive range of organic and natural skin care products which are listed according to skin type, to help you make the right choice.  With over 15 years natural skincare experience the consultants at Lucy Rose are always on hand, via telephone or email, to offer and advice and samples, if you are unsure which products are the best for you.

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