Tips for Schools And Offices

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Organisations and schools can have a big impact on the environment. There are lots of ways to make small improvements to make an impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint. Now people are returning to work places we have thought of some simple ideas for businesses and schools in striving to be more eco-minded.

1) Use recycled paper wherever possible, and install recycle bins
2) Buy eco-friendly office equipment
3) Cut down on single use plastic
4) Bring the outdoors inside by investing in some beautiful plants or even grow your own!
5) Switch to LED lights, replace power hungry equipment (cost saving too)
6) Encourage more walking and cycling to school and / or work
7) Adopt a clothing recycle station in school or office foyer
8) Have an eco-plan for your school/ work
9) Install solar panels where possible, grants still available
10) Ventilate your house to improve air quality