To The Moon and Beyond

Banbury based solar company saving enough carbon to send an average car to the moon

The idea of generating energy for your own consumption is a highly attractive one but, as this is a relatively new technology in the UK, many people feel unsure where to turn for expert advice. The challenge of explaining how straightforward and reliable this technology is, as well as highlighting the fantastic return on investment opportunity it now presents, is familiar territory for Banbury based company JHS Solar Solutions (JHS), who have been undertaking high quality solar PV installations for over eight years.

JHS focuses solely on providing customers with bespoke solar PV systems that not only benefit the environment, but also the homeowners who install them.  The business was one of the first in the UK to become MCS accredited, an internationally recognised qualification, and this accreditation gives customers confidence that JHS are committed to trading under strict parameters and delivering at the highest level every time.

Since focussing on solar PV installations, JHS have designed and installed a wide range of bespoke systems for customers across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire and beyond.  Clients have ranged from the commercial sector such as factories and shops to homeowners to public institutions, such as housing associations and schools.

The Government acknowledge that renewable energy technologies, such as solar PV, is an area that homeowners and businesses alike are still relatively unaware of. It therefore has taken the extremely positive step of introducing the Feed In Tariff (FIT). This is a scheme that allows homeowners and  businesses to not only use the energy that they generate for free, but to also sell it back to the local energy supplier, delivering a steady income that will be index linked for a period no shorter than 25 years.

A typical example of how this scheme works for domestic homeowners is that of a standard 16 panel system paying an estimated annual income of £1,742 which equates to an 11.28% return on the homeowner’s investment.

To put the installations carried out by JHS into perspective, since 2009 in Oxfordshire alone, systems installed by JHS will save 67.8 tonnes of carbon per year; the equivalent amount of carbon a car would produce driving 253,871.30 miles, a journey that would take the driver to the moon and beyond!

So, if you are a homeowner or business interested in finding out more about how solar PV can benefit you, the staff at JHS are always happy to answer your questions.

Alternatively, you may prefer to have a free, no obligation home visit with one of the company’s skilled designers who will be able to talk to you about your requirements and tailor a bespoke system to meet your needs.

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