Top 7 Craft Ideas for Your Side Hustle to Make Money

Most of us have a talent for creating crafts to which we devote some of our free or leisurely time. It can also become a great side hustle for you to make money. You can gain by doing something you might love, and go green depending on how you utilize your craftsmanship.

1) Bath bombs

Making bath bombs is fun because you can create them in various forms, dimensions, and hues. It is a craft that is relatively simpler than most others, with a thousand bath bombs that may be produced within a day’s worth of time. Most of the ingredients you require may be easily ordered at any e-commerce website, and they don’t even cost that much, leaving a larger probable profit margin for you. Bath bombs are the ideal crafts for making money because they are easy to produce and sell well. They are especially popular among kids and hotel industries, and since they are seen as luxury commodities, they fetch great prices.

2) Carpentry

If you are good at making woodwork or carpentry, such as furniture, frames, wooden sculptures, and utensils, you should use your talent to make money. With the massive boom in urbanization coupled with population increase, furniture is demanded everywhere, be it for domestic or commercial purposes. A person with the right capabilities in this field can get rich quickly from this business. If your skills are up to the mark and exceptionally noticeable, your woodwork may even be sold at art exhibitions with exorbitant price tags. Alternatively, you may keep carpentry as your small-time side hustle — as a supplementary source of income to your primary vocation.

3) Gift Baskets

The tag of ‘handmade,’ even on something as a mere container for gifts, expresses a certain skill, quality, and uniqueness that department store alternatives often don’t. You can test the market for your hand-crafted gift baskets by selling them on a local scale. If things go well, you can grow a sizable customer base—you may scale up for larger markets. Gift baskets are frequently demanded on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, farewells, etc. Therefore, we can say that there is a very active market for gift baskets, especially the ones which are custom-made. No doubt, it’s a good source of income.

4) Stock Photos

Selling stock photography can be a great way to make money from your photography hobby or profession. There are many stock photography websites like Dreamstime Stock Photos that allow you to upload your photos and set a price for them to be licensed for use by others. These websites make it easy for businesses, websites, and individuals to find and purchase the perfect image for their project. By selling your photos as stock, you can reach a wide audience and potentially make a significant income from your work. Additionally, you retain the copyright to your images, which means you can continue to use them for your own purposes.

5) Jewellery

If jewelry making is your hobby, it will not be difficult to transform it into a high-paying venture. One of the most lucrative crafts is jewelry because you can manufacture so many different types and styles that you will never run out of ideas or the business itself. There are countless options: you can create jewelry from beads, marbles, wood, shells, leather, terracotta, plastic, or resin. You can contractually complete consignment arrangements with several handcrafted jewelry shops and brands. Once you grow enough in this business, setting up your own big brand of handcrafted jewelry won’t be an issue.

6) Decorative Wreaths

Wreaths for decoration are among the most enjoyable crafts to create and sell. You may construct a wide variety of wreaths, making them the ideal presents. The three types of wreaths are burlap, flower, and ribbon—you can either choose to specialize in designing any of those types or simultaneously craft all three for a wider scope of profits. These crafts have much potential because individuals purchase wreaths for various occasions and seasons, especially festive ones. Due to their decorative and aesthetic values, wealthy sections of society always look towards buying them for domestic beautification. They are also in demand for parties and get-togethers.

7) Handmade Soap

One of the most popular handmade products is exquisite bars of soap since there is something delightful about them. They are luxurious, customized beauty products, commanding a profitable market section. Several soap recipes take little time to create but still generate big bucks, so you don’t have to make them overly complicated. You must locate critical information, such as the costs of establishing a soap-making business and your targeted market.

8) Painting

If people’s attention is adequately drawn to your talent, they will commission you to make artworks to be sold to them. With enough popularity, your artwork may even be featured in exhibitions, thereby increasing your reach and network. This implies that more people would know of your talent and be interested in paying you. So, even if you can’t make it that big, online commissions through websites and social media will keep coming your way.
Use these suggestions to identify the right craft idea for your side hustle and keep practicing to make the most of it!