Top Benefits of Using UK’s #1 Hiring App for Green Shops

Top Benefits of Using UK (1)

Corporations stand to benefit greatly from using online job platforms, as it helps them to
reach new job seekers and save time on their recruitment process. But even smaller
businesses – such as agricultural and green shops – have a lot to gain from using these
If you're a business owner of such stores, you can even streamline your recruitment process
more when you hire staff on Job Today.
A Quick Introduction to Job Today

Using a web-based platform and a mobile application, Job Today operates in more than 100
cities and 19 countries, mainly in Europe. It allows employers to post jobs within 24 hours
and receive applications directly from job seekers, who can take their chances and get hired
in no time.
Currently, the platform has processed more than 250 million applications from job seekers
– so businesses using it can get plenty of exposure.

Top Ways Job Today Benefits Green Shops

Here are just a few of the top benefits of Job Today for small and big businesses alike:

1. Letting Recruiters Search for Applicants Within Proximity

Gone are the days when candidates have to drive and go from one place to another just to
undergo interviews and find the right store to work in. With Job Today, recruiters and job
seekers can easily search for each other and get results in no time.

2. Custom Company Pages

Job Today offers custom company pages, allowing employers to promote their brand and
present themselves as a great place to work. The platform also makes it easier for recruiters to
create job posts, upload custom images, or even add videos – all of which help attract more
candidates who are interested in working with them.

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3. Fast, Easy Communication via Platform

With chat and video-call features, users can conduct interviews and converse with potential
candidates conveniently. This makes it easier for employers to assess prospective candidates,
which saves them time and energy in their recruitment process.

4. Job Posting Without Any Fees 

Unlike most job sites, Job Today doesn't charge businesses or recruiters any fees when they
post a job. It also helps save the company money as there is only one cost associated with the
platform – making it more cost-efficient than other hiring solutions. The only time a
subscription payment is required is when recruiters need to contact relevant applicants.

5.  Optimal Candidates Through Filtering System
The filtering system of Job Today allows recruiters to search for optimal candidates based on
qualifications such as education level, experience, skillset, and location radius, giving them
more control over who they hire and how much they pay for those services. 
With these impressive features, small businesses like green shops can benefit from using Job
Today. For more information about how it works, visit Job Today website or download the
app today.

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