Travel Green and Hire a Bike

You don’t need to stay near home to ride a bike; many cities have bike schemes that are friendly on both your pocket and the environment. You can either follow a pre-planned cycle route, or just go for a ride and see where you end up – you never know what hidden gems you may come across.

Hiring a bike to explore a city is not only an environmentally friendly way of travelling, it frees you from the restrictions of public transport stops and timetables. If somewhere looks interesting, simply park your bike up, stop for a look, and pick up a new bike when you are ready to continue with your journey.
Most schemes will find you paying for the amount of time you use your bike for. To give you a bit of leeway, most destinations will give you an extra 15 minutes on the machine at the docking station, which should give you plenty of time to either wait for another space to come up, or cycle on to another station.

Check the infographic below created by low cost flight search engine,, to find out how you can rent a bike for your next European weekend trip…