5 Tree Conservation Tips for a Better Environment

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Trees are of great benefit to every home and the environment in general. Additionally, planting trees can increase a property’s value, boost attraction for commercial businesses, reduce noise pollution, improve water quality, and reduce ozone levels. Trees absorb CO2, which is responsible for the greenhouse effect and, in turn, release oxygen that humans need to survive. In hospitals, exposure to an environment with trees has been said to boost recovery, especially for stressed and anxious patients.

As a home owner, you can contribute to these amazing benefits through the following.

Tree Planting

The first step is to start by planting trees in your garden if you don’t have any, or you have some free space. Before you plant a tree, do some research on the species that thrive in your area. There are thousands of species and each adapts well to a specific environment. Also, depending on the size of your garden, you should consider the size of the tree when it is full grown.

If you live in an apartment or flat, encourage the owners to plant some trees. You could offer to help them source the best ones – and even help in the planting process.

Always Plant a Replacement

When a tree is badly damaged or a threat to safety, it has to be removed. However, once it is removed, consider replacing it immediately. Many people don’t consider replacements and this is one of the key reasons why tree number are declining.

Support Conservation Efforts by Others

You can also show your support to tree planting and woodland charities by donating money or volunteering with organizations that work hard to conserve the environment. Additionally, buy products made from recycled materials because recycling conserves energy and materials.

Tree Planting Schemes in the Community

If you live in a neighbourhood with very few trees, consider starting a program or campaign to encourage tree planting. You can educate others in the community on the benefits, to entice them to plant more. Consider taking your campaigns to schools and council officials in your area if public places lack enough trees.

Take Care of the Trees

Caring for trees helps them last for the long term. Some of the care tips that you should exercise include pruning, mulching, adequate supply of water, minerals, and nutrients, and trimming when necessary. When you climb up the tree, always ensure that you have an industry safety harness for fall protection. However, if you are not an expert, it is best to consult a tree surgeon, especially for cutting and pruning or for tree removal.

By playing a role in environmental conservation and tree planting, you can make your local community a better place for you and for other people within it. With better air quality and all the added health benefits trees bring.