Truly Alternative Transport

Looking for an alternative to travelling or transporting goods by car? Then why not try something similar to this village in Gloucestershire. Residents from Rack Hill in Chalford have petitioned their local council for a grant to purchase a donkey. The estimated cost per animal being from £300 – £600, the donkeys would carry their groceries up the windy paths to the hill top where many of the houses stand.

Donkeys were used in the community in the 1930s to deliver bread or carry coal and would be an emission free alternative to hiring vans or bringing extra cars into the village. All the villagers are whole heartedly behind the campaign as they are fed up of trudging up the 100 yard hill. Dave Andrews a Rack Hill resident reportedly claimed that donkeys are an eco-friendly alternative to a new road.

More donkeys and less new roads…..we’re certainly in favour of this idea, it’s a shame the transport minister doesn’t share our view.

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