Walk The Barefoot Trail At Greenwood

The BareFootTrail is GreenWood Forest Park’s exciting new activity for 2009 and a first for Wales. So take off your shoes and get set to rekindle your childhood spirit as you walk barefoot over a variety of terrains including leaves, pebbles, bark, sand, slate, water and even toe-squelching mud!

The specially devised 300 metre long BareFootTrail offers fun for all the family and the chance for you to go back in time walking barefoot like your ancestors. Not only will you experience the feel of natural surfaces on your bare feet, but you will also benefit from feeling totally rejuvenated afterwards.

Emanating from the German word, Barfuss, Barefoot treatment was developed by Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th Century Bavarian Priest. Kneipp was one of the founders of the Naturopathic medicine movement and he believed that applying a different range of natural stimuli to your feet would have therapeutic benefits.

Stephen Bristow, managing director at GreenWood Forest Park says; “You often see children running around with no shoes on and yet as adults we probably only ever walk barefoot around the house or once our feet touch the beach on holiday. Yet our feet were engineered to walk over uneven terrain and many people in the world today still walk barefoot. So it’s now time for you to enjoy the BareFootTrail, which is set to be as popular as our other exciting activities and brings together the elements of fun and adventure.”

Homeopathic Doctor and former North Wales GP, Dr Paul Nickson, put the BareFootTrail to test before it’s official opening and commented; “This was a totally new experience which through the sense of touch importantly reconnects you with our environment. It was a lot of fun and I found it very invigorating.”

The BareFootTrail joins all the other rides and activities at this very special family adventure Park which harness the visitors’ energy to provide adventure with a difference! With true eco-friendly rides, visitors can enjoy the Green Dragon, the world’s first people powered roller coaster, the Great Green Run which at 70m is Wales’ longest slide, the Jungle Boat Adventure where visitors haul their own Jungle Boat with ropes and paddles along the woodland water course. Visitors can also build a den, walk on stilts, shoot a Welsh Longbow like Robin Hood or scramble about on TreeTop Towers, which is an exciting array of timber structures with many different levels of platforms and ladders, slides, netted walkways and tubes for older children and adults!

Visit the Greenwood Forest website for more information or contact the 24 hour answer phone on 01248 670076 for opening dates and times.

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