Water Conservation: A Simple Guide to Help Your Business Go Green

When owning or managing a business, you should always consider ways to conserve energy and
water. In the long term, this is more cost effective and will reduce your business's carbon footprint.
Following this simple water conservation guide, you can learn how to conserve water to save money
and elevate your business with an eco-friendly attitude.

Track Water Usage

Before considering ways to conserve water, you should consider how your business uses water.
Review each monthly or quarterly water bill to notice any differences in water usage. Some water
suppliers display on their bills the average water consumption relating to other businesses, so you
can see where you stand regarding water conservation.

You can also save money by switching to another water supplier in your area. If you want to
compare business water rates, use an online comparison tool. By understanding your water usage
and finding cheaper business water contracts, you have made the first step towards using less water
and saving money.

Educate Your Employees

Water conservation can only exist in your business with employee education. Start by setting some
water conservation goals within your company so all employees know what you are trying to do and
why. Cutting costs is a significant factor behind water conservation, but it’s also a fantastic way to
create a more sustainable business.

Create signs around the office or workspace, reminding employees to be careful with their water
consumption and to turn off the taps when finished in the kitchen or bathroom. When water
conservation goals are met, you should do something to celebrate your employees and post this on
sites like LinkedIn. This excellent marketing tool will also improve employee satisfaction and brand

Utilise Water Efficient Practices and Technologies

water butt eco, rainwater recycling

Your business can improve water conservation in many ways, depending on your budget and what
you can change in your current workspace. Some ideas for water conservation include:
● Installing energy-efficient appliances, which will use less water than traditional appliances.
This includes things like a kettle, dishwasher, or toilet flush.
● Reducing water pressure by installing pressure reduction valves. This can limit the amount of
water waste long-term.
● Only cleaning when required and using dry sweeping techniques.
● Replacing water cooling equipment with air cooling equipment.
● Installing automated taps so less water is wasted through employees leaving taps on or
running water longer than needed.

● Implementing a water recycling method, such as greywater recycling. This turns used water
from sinks and dishwashers into irrigation and toilet water, which can make better use of old
water and cut water costs long-term.

You should speak to a water conservation specialist and implement a business plan for water
if you want to go green as a business.

Water conservation is something that every business should look into to improve their carbon
footprint and do their part for the beautiful world we live in. Companies that take water
conservation seriously can drive positive change to a more sustainable future.