What Temperature Should My Thermostat Be Set At?

What is the best temperature to set a thermostat to?

This maybe one of the most common questions that plumbing and heating engineers get asked but it is a complex and important question as we found out recently in our research.

It is especially important as our seasons are increasingly and dramatically changing in part due to various climate change processes leading to huge variations in temperature. Hence it feels important to understand what the recommended temperature settings of thermostats is especially key in colder winter months.

This may not only improve efficiency and save money, but help to save our planet if we all considered small degree reductions in our thermostat settings. We have all become aware that even in small ways we can each make a difference to global warming prevention.

This article on temperature thermostat will help you learn to be more energy efficient, and also highlights some heating temperature myths for example about the false benefit of leaving heating on low.

Poor temperature conditions are known to prevent good sleep patterns and can affect our general well-being, which is again another reason to look into temperature controls. Added to this “Ensuring your central heating is most cost-effective is also as important as creating a comfortable home temperature. With small changes, you may even save some money.

If you’ve bought a new boiler to help save money on your energy bills, then hopefully our thermostat temperature guide will help to keep your bill even lower. It all helps and we all want to save as much money as possible”.