Why Friendly Soaps Are Just That:Friendly To The Planet, Animals & Your Skin

The team at Friendly Soap create beautiful, handmade soap. They use the traditional cold process method of natural handmade soap making which not only generates zero by-products but also allows them to carefully select every ingredient themselves. This process ensures that the soap they create is earth friendly, animal friendly and skin friendly too.

Skin Friendly

We were lucky enough to trial both the lavender fragranced soap and the Peppermint and poppy seeds soap. Both lathered well, smelt divine and best of all didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or those of my two young children. The lavender soap is made with pure lavender essential oil and sprinkled with lavender blossom to gently exfoliate your skin.

The peppermint and poppy seeds soap is certainly zingy and refreshing. It is made with pure peppermint essential oil and poppy seeds for an uplifting scrub. It’s a great pick me up if used with your morning shower. Other fragrances in the range include aloe vera, orange & grapefruit, tea tree and Lemongrass and hemp.

Planet & Animal Friendly

In the making process Friendly Soap use as little energy as possible throughout production, pouring, cutting, stamping and packing every bar of natural handmade soap using human power alone. The soaps are also palm oil free so you know they don’t harm the Rain forest or its orangutans

Friendly Soap is registered with both the Vegan Society and Buav (Cruelty Free). You can view the whole range of Friendly soaps on their website here. Each 95g bar of soap retails at £1.99 and their gorgeous ethical gift sets start at £11.59