Why it’s a good time to change your boiler

Heating is responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and
the majority of our homes use gas boilers, which run on fossil fuels, or electric boilers which have a high energy usage.

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly and efficient way of heating (and cooling!) our homes and
reducing our carbon emissions.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump extracts heat from outside sources and transfers it inside your home. An air source
heat pump will transfer the heat from outside air and a ground source heat pump does the same by
absorbing natural heat from the ground. A compressor inside the heat pump will use electricity to
increase the temperature to heat your home. Heat pumps can also be used to cool your home
keeping you at an ideal temperature in winter and summer.

What are the benefits of a heat pump?

Heat pumps have a number of advantages over gas, oil and electric boilers:

● Heat pumps do not rely on fossil fuels like gas and oil boilers do, this will reduce your
consumption of finite natural resources and the carbon emissions of your home.
● Heat pumps are more efficient than electric boilers, causing fewer greenhouse gasses and
helping you save money on your energy bills.
● Heat pumps operate using electricity, so they can run completely on renewable energy if
you have a green tariff or get your electricity from a green energy supplier.

Why should I invest in a heat pump now?

One of the drawbacks of heat pumps is the high cost of installation, but through the Boiler
Upgrade Scheme, which began in April, the government is offering grants to help with the costs of
heat pumps to incentivize the change to low-carbon heating systems.
The scheme offers £5,000 towards the purchase and installation of Air Source Heat Pumps and
£6000 towards the purchase and installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps. Some properties in
rural areas will be eligible for £5000 towards the purchase and installation of a biomass boiler. The
grant will benefit up to 90,000 homes and will run from 2022-2025.

Who qualifies for the grant?

The grant is open to homeowners and small business owners in England and Wales, and you need
to meet the following criteria:

● Own the property
● Have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
● Your EPC mus not have an outstanding recommendation for loft or cavity wall insulation

How does the grant work?

To make the process simpler, heat pump installers apply for the grant on your behalf. All you need
to do is agree on the heat pump you would like to have installed, and the company installing it will
apply for the voucher. They need to install the heat pump in your home within 3 months of
receiving the voucher if it is an air source pump and within 6 months if it is a ground source heat

Applications opened on 23rd May 2022, and work on a first come, first served basis, so if you
know that you want to lower your carbon usage and increase the energy efficiency of your heating
system, now is the time!