Why It's Green To Work From Home

Today marks the second national ‘work from home day.’ The event hopes to encourage British workers to work from home one day a week. Benefits include a better life/work balance for staff, less congestion on the roads so better for the planet and increased productivity for businesses.

As a home based business ourselves we are keen to promote the joys of home working. We don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get buses or trains or sit behind the car of a wheel in traffic jams every day. It’s also lovely to work in such a relaxed atmosphere and we find that we are not as tired as we used to be despite working the same amount of hours, sometimes more.

We even think its greener to work from home. Think of the amounts of energy a brightly lit, air conditioned office consumes compared to a naturally lit and aired spare room or dining room. We dont need to wash a uniform, use horrible coffee machines or worry about parking.

We have time to take a leisurely lunch and if the weather is nice I often write my newsletters outdoors in the sunshine. It’s also a great way to downshift particularly if you are looking to escape the rat race and achieve a better life/ work balance. Working from home just one day a week can make a really positive difference to your lifestyle and the planets wellbeing too.

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