Why its More Eco-Friendly to Travel by Train

These days, more and more people are making eco-conscious decisions in their
lives. This is fantastic to see and it is important that everyone plays their part in
reducing environmental damage, which means making big and small changes to
your lifestyle. Travel is considered to be one of the biggest causes of
environmental impact, which is why people should opt for eco-friendly options
like getting the train instead of flying or driving.

Flying & Aviation

The flying and aviation industry has come under a lot of heat in recent years due
to the negative impact that flying has on the environment – the industry
contributes around 2% of all global CO2 emissions. In terms of individuals, flying
can be the largest part of the emissions that we create in our lifetime. In
particular, short flights are considered to be harmful with many places even
banning these in recent times. Flying emits around 6 times more greenhouse
gases than a high-speed train, so this is the much better option if you are able to
(and often less stressful than flying!).


Driving is less harmful than flying, but it can still be harmful particularly if you
spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Cars are a major contributor to air pollution
(and noise pollution) in major cities and this is harmful both in terms of public
health and the environment. Of course, the electric car revolution is underway
and this can be an environmentally-friendly way to travel, but these vehicles are
still expensive and many are not in a position to make the change just yet. Buses
will be better than cars because they carry dozens of passengers and there is a
bright future for buses if they become electric, are more reliable and increase

Ferries & Cruise Ships

Many people will look to ferries when travelling to France or opt for a cruise
holiday, but this is not a good option in terms of environmental damage. Ferries
and cruise ships often use the lowest-quality fuel, which can result in very high
pollution levels. In fact, high-speed ferries could be even more harmful than


While no option is perfect, you will find that travelling by train tends to be thebest option in terms of environmental impact. Trains use far less energy than
other forms of transport with around 50% in Europe running on electricity, they
can transport large groups of people at once and there is less noise pollution than
other forms of transport.

If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact, you should always
consider the way in which you travel. Generally, you will find travelling by train to
be the greenest option as well as one of the most efficient and straightforward
ways to reach your destination.