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Ecocleen Cleaning Services Ltd

Ecocleen Cleaning Sevices Ltd are an eco-friendly cleaning services company operating throughout the UK. We offer bespoke cleaning packages for offices, commercial and industrial businesses.

The Abbey Cleaning Service

office cleaning, commercial cleaning, green cleaning

The Abbey Cleaning Service is a commercial cleaning company in Cardiff, Wales, UK. We provide office cleaning services to businesses based in the South Wales area. Established for over 30 years, we offer a reliable and high quality cleaning service at a cost-effective price. We also strive to focus on having a green/eco cleaning approach.

Rotaire Dryline

washing line umbrella, laundry cover

Wind power without the turbine. Solar power without the panels. The solution to rainy washing days, saving time and worry. It saves money by not using energy to dry your clothes. Quite simply, it is an umbrella cover that permanently covers a rotary line, protects your laundry from rain, birds and more. Dryline payback time […]