In The Bag

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Individually designed and hand-printed environmentally friendly jute shopping bags, which say something about you rather than the supermarket! With designs inspired by nature and available in four sizes: hand bags, shoulder bags, shopping bags and little bags for little people.

Green Policies

I became really fed-up having purchased jute bags from the big supermarkets, then by re-using them I was actively promoting, endorsing, and ostensibly approving their corporate conduct, while also providing them with free advertising. So I decided to print my own bags without logos, branding or corporate statements. Initially I printed a few designs for friends and family, but have now increased my catalogue to more than fifty individual designs, which are colourful, attractive and unique and say nothing about the big supermarkets but perhaps a little about you.

Jute is a natural based vegetable fibre composed of cellulose and a typical jute bag has a lifespan in excess of 1,000 plastic bags. Jute is a very sustainable crop and is totally biodegradable

There are plenty of companies who supply cheaper jute bags but I chose to buy mine from a company called Jutexpo. The bags have ‘climate neutral’ status, are shipped rather air freighted and are fairly traded. Jutexpo state that they are ‘committed to the development of products and services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future. Together with our partners we take our responsibilities to our staff and customers very seriously. To ensure best practice at all times, we adhere to strict international fair trading regulations, commission regular Ethical and Technical audits and will only source from suppliers and producers who operate under these principles’.

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