Best Flower Varieties For Fragrance

Now that summer is here, there’s no better way to enjoy spending time out in your
garden than incorporating different varieties of fragrant plants for a blissful garden
experience. Here are some of the most beautifully scented plants and flowers to add
to your garden this summer.

Sweet Peas
Sweet peas come in a fantastic range of colours and are easy to grow from seed,
making them a favourite amongst gardeners. Their distinctive scent heralds summer
and they make great cut flowers, meaning you can enjoy their wonderful aroma
inside your home too. Highly scented varieties of sweet pea include ‘Matucana’,
which has deep purple and maroon blooms. Other highly scented sweet pea
varieties are ‘Albutt Blue’ and ‘Cupani’. Keep picking your sweet peas to encourage
further blooms, which will fill your garden – and your home – with their delightful
sweet scent.

Another powerfully scented plant for your garden is star jasmine. This evergreen
climber has sweet, musky-scented flowers and the scent is strongest in the
evenings. This makes it the perfect addition to seating areas in your garden where
you can relax and unwind on a summer’s evening and enjoy the plant’s luscious
Star jasmine can be grown along a fence, or up a trellis or pergola. It will thrive in a
sunny, sheltered spot in milder parts of the UK. If you only have a small garden or
outdoor area, star jasmine can also be grown in a container, providing it has
something to scramble up.

There are several species of lavender, but English lavender and its hybrids are well
known for their strong fragrance. Lavender has a musky, floral fragrance that is
popular in toiletries such as hand soaps and can even be used in cooking! Use
lavender to create aromatic hedges or borders in your garden by planting along
fences and garden walls. Lavender can also be grown in pots placed on patios,
decks or porches. As a bonus, thanks to its strong smell, lavender is a great naturalinsect repellent!

Another firm favourite in many gardens across the country is the dianthus. Belonging
to the same family as carnations, dianthus are also known as ‘pinks’ though, in
reality, they come in many different shades, including pink, white, yellow and red.
The flowers have a heady, spicy scent reminiscent of cloves. Dianthus do well in
fertilised, well-drained soil and are perfect for growing in pots and containers on a
sunny patio.