Cleaning Household Items The Natural Way

For those of you that use natural cleaning products around the house you’ll be pleased to find that many old fashioned ways to clean and polish everyday items around the house are also eco friendly and need no harsh chemicals at all. So from polishing jewellery to cleaning your oven try these for size…..

For silver jewellery rub the item with half a lemon and rinse before drying. For gold jewellery use a ball of soft bread to give the jewellery a quick polish.

ornate jewellery

2.Shower Curtains
Soak your shower curtain in a strong solution of salt water, hang them up to dry and then rub with bicarbonate of soda to remove mildew.

3.Thermos Flasks
To remove stubborn stains add three tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, fill the rest of the flask with warm water and replace the lid, then simply shake up and down. To remove any left over smells add a spoonful of uncooked rice with boiling water and give it another good shake then rinse.

Unsightly black marks on lino floor tiles can be removed by rubbing them with an eraser.

If your cutlery or utensils are beginning to rust use a cork which has been dipped in olive oil to remove the stains.

Dried out paintbrushes can be revived by putting them into hot vinegar.


Once an oven has been cleaned finish the process by making a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water. Rub this around the oven so that when you come to clean it next time around it should make the job a great deal easier.

8.Computer keyboards & laptops
A microfibre cloth is a great way to keep your computer clean and cotton wool buds (slightly damp) can be used to clean around the keys on the keyboard too.

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