Crystal Spring:The Brand Making People Smell Nice & Fresh For 21 Years

If you’re not aware of the controversy surrounding the use of anti-perspirants then you can read more here, but if you already know about the importance of using a natural deodorant then let me introduce you to the fabulous range from Crystal Spring who have been producing and hand-making their collection since 1993

I was lucky enough to try a couple of products from their range these past few months and I can highly recommend them. My favourite was their newly launched Lavender with a hint of vanilla which not only smelled good enough to eat but was effective in keeping me feeling fresh and clean all day (even after a few cycle runs to school and back) Another advantage of this deodorant unlike others I’ve tried is that one quick spray after shaving doesn’t sting and there are no tell tale white marks on your clothing.

Crystal spring also have a collection of unscented deodorants which are just as effective but developed for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The brand have recently developed a new line for pre-teens and teenagers and their rock chick deodorant for girls is gentle on the skin and offers long lasting protection.

The brand based in the UK uses all natural ingredients which are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. For more information about Crystal Spring’s products please visit their website.

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