Embrace The True Beauty Of The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is the perfect mix of world-renowned cities – the bustling metropolis of London firmly on the tourist map – and rolling countryside filled with wildlife. It doesn’t matter what your version of beauty is; the UK has it to offer. Comprising Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the UK’s beauty and your unique idea of the words meaning. Some think that beauty lies within the high-rise buildings and dazzling city lights, while others believe it’s on the cobbled streets of villages nestled away in quiet towns in the countryside.

Below, we’ll explore Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to give you the inspiration you need if you plan to immerse yourself in the beauty of the United Kingdom this year.


You could spend months in Scotland and still struggle to explore every nook and cranny of the sheer beauty it has to offer – of the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom, Scotland ranks the best for beauty. By land, loch, or sea, there is a wealth of experiences – most of them featuring diverse terrain – to delve into.

Travelling through the land of Scotland will take you on a journey of enchantment as you follow winding roads through the hills, mountains, and famous cities. It’s a road trippers haven, and with easy access to motorhome hire – options like www.ariescape.co.uk are available in Edinburgh – it’s a no-brainer to get behind the wheel and meander from location to location at your own leisure. But where to meander?

Bow Fiddle Rock is more than simply a rock – the iconic structure is a natural sea arch near Portknockie on the northeast coast. The captivating views and freshness of the sea air are invigorating. The Isle of Skye is ranked one of the most serene locations in Scotland – connected to Scotland’s northwest coast by a bridge – you’ll be in complete awe. Glencoe Valley is also worth putting on your list. Sitting in western Scotland, it’s one of the top-rated locations in the Scottish Highlands. Known for its waterfalls and trails, it’s a hiker’s dream location.


England is a 243,610 km² area of land to explore, so we’ll try to narrow it down to some of the best places you can visit.

Starting from the bottom and working our way up, Brighton is the perfect location for those that want to experience a city vibe without the chaos and ample beauty. The narrow cobbled streets filled with cafes, restaurants and boutique shops are the perfect afternoon out. Walk towards the coast and the long stretch of beach – with activities like i360 and the pier – and find a spot to enjoy the most hashtagged sunset in the UK. The mesmerising colours created on a clear day as the sun sets over the sea are unbeatable.

Towards the top, nearing Scotland, you’re met with vibrant cities and countryside galore. For those that find beauty in cities, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a must. This shipbuilding and manufacturing hub turned prime city location for tourists and has everything you need, from the 18th-century architecture spanning across the city to bustling nightlife. The streets are what makes Newcastle-Upon-Tyne truly beautiful.


Wales is known for its mountains, rolling hills, small villages nestled in between, and the sheep! To experience the true beauty of Wales, you have to go deep into the countryside and explore the not-so-common towns and villages that might not necessarily get the limelight they deserve. Milford Haven, for example, is a quiet town on the coast of Wales with tons of character. Milford waterfront is the ideal location for relaxing and enjoying a traditional Welsh pub.

Merthyr Mawr, home to Merthyr Mawr Warren National Nature Reserve and the highest dune in Wales, is another location to explore if you want to experience the peace and serenity Wales offers. It’s a haven for wildlife, and this rural town is as traditionally Welsh as it comes.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is not to be forgotten. Easily accessed from Mainland England via ferry or a short 30-40 minute flight, Nothern Ireland is a must-visit location. Again, with a mix of natural beauty and famous cities, there’s everything you could wish for in your hunt for beauty.

Wicklow Mountains National Park is one of the six national parks to explore in Northern Ireland. It’s the largest of the six and has multiple hiking trails to meander through at your own leisure. As a bonus, Dublin is right around the corner, Ireland’s most-visited city.

Do you find beauty in historical structures? Well, Ross Castle is for you. Located on the inlet of Lough Leane, it’s thought that Irish chieftain O’Donoghue Mór built it, although its true origins aren’t actually known. What’s known is that the castle sits on a beautiful area of land ready to explore.

As you can see, the UK has everything you could wish for. There’s beauty in every corner of the country – it’s a haven for everyone. The best time of year to visit is summer, when the weather is warmer, making it easier to explore. Spring and Autumn are also picturesque seasons if you don’t mind the cooler weather.