Green holiday ideas in the UK

With so many people finding their budgets stretched tighter than ever before, more of us are looking at vacationing in the UK rather than going abroad for our summer holidays. Another of the benefits of holidaying in the UK is the comparatively svelte impact on the environment, given the massive carbon footprint of planes and cruise ships.

But if you want to go a step further and enjoy a green holiday in the UK that barely dips a carbon toe, let alone a footprint, here are a few ideas to consider.

Cycling holidays

If you love exercise and freedom and know how to ride a bike, then why not consider cycling
holidays in the UK
? Cycling holidays are not just for hardcore fitness enthusiasts either as the UK is
packed full of potential trails ranging from extreme mountain biking trails to gentle coastal tracks.
The terrain in the UK is almost uniquely diverse, with the expansive countryside and most cities
engineered to make it quite easy to get around on two wheels.

As well as being great for your mind and body, cycling is a completely carbon-neutral pursuit. It is,
however, also one that requires perhaps a little more effort than some are used to. So, ensure you’re
at a decent level of fitness before committing yourself to a cycling holiday, particularly if it
involves any mountain biking.

Road trips

Rather than travel by plane, if you want to explore long distances then consider a road trip. The UK
is ideal for a road trip as it is large enough to always find adventure but not large enough to get lost in.
Perhaps the most iconic road trip in the UK is the North Coast 500, which takes in over 500
miles of Scottish coastal scenery. The highlands are famous for their breathtaking duty and by car,
you can take the whole thing at your own pace.

Of course, if you want to go the green route then consider renting an electric car for a week. But
even if you’re travelling the NC500 in a gas guzzler, you’ll still be creating a far smaller carbon
footprint than if you were to take a flight to Spain.


So many of us love the idea of camping but get turned off by the very real practicalities of it. That’s
why glamping was invented. Glamping is a great way to explore the outdoors with a little more
luxury than camping! It’s perfect for couples and families with some sites even having hot tubs and
all modern conveniences.

The glamping scene has really taken off in the UK in recent years so expect to pay a pretty penny
for the more desirable locations. But the best thing about the glamping community is how eco-
friendly it is. Whether you’re bathing in a wood-fired hot tub or sitting out by the campfire in the
summer night air, it’s a holiday that’s as sustainable as it is romantic!