How To Cut Your Carbon Footprint When Working From Home

It is estimated that by 2040 14% of carbon emissions will be made by the the storage of our digital data if we continue at the present rate of our IT usage. Here are a few simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint with some savvy IT hacks.

1, Zoom Calls

Turning off your camera when on zoom calls can save lots of energy. It is thought that over the course of an average hour call, you can save the equivalent of 3 gallons of water by switching off the camera. 1000 g of C02 are estimated to be emitted during an hours call and can be reduced by 96% with this simple measure.

2, Virtual Declutter

A great way to help reduce your carbon footprint is by clearing out your email inbox. Every single email stored in an inbox in the world is stored on a server. Server farms are massive centres that contain millions of computers which store and transmit data. These consume huge amounts of energy so deleting all your old/unwanted emails, unsubscribing from email lists or updating your preferences to once a month or weekly and clearing out your spam folder is a great start to help save energy. You can also check your downloads folder, photos and recycling bin and delete anything you no longer need there.

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3, Ecosia it

Switching from a conventional search engine to Ecosia is another simple swap that saves energy. Ecosia plants a tree for every search made and runs from a server powered by renewable energy. Visit Ecosia to learn more about their tree planting projects and how you can switch.

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