Think Green For Back To School

This coming September parents and students can help reduce the environmental impact of the Back to School rush by considering the 3 R’s when stocking up on supplies for the new term.

“If everyone in the UK saved one staple a day that would be 72 tonnes of metal saved a year” ( Wasteonline) With the eco stapler, metal clips become a thing of the past as this clever little gadget will attach up to three pages together by cutting and folding the paper in one action thus avoiding the need for paper clips.

Most of the waste we generate in the UK comes from packaging and school lunches are no exception. It has been estimated that the average disposable school lunch generates 30kg of waste per school year. That’s the equivalent of up to 8.5 tonnes of waste per average sized schol per year.

One way to avoid the packaging from lunches is with a re-usable Wrap-N-Mat, an innovative solution to cling film and plastic sandwich bags. Designed to last for many years, the Wrap-N-Mat is a simple way to reduce waste going to landfill.

Easy to use, you just fold it around the sandwiches or other lunchbox favourites like biscuits or vegetable snacks, fold the cotton wrapper closed and secure with the velcro strap.

The Wrap-N-Mat also unfolds into a handy placemat measuring 33cm x 33cm providing a pratical and clean eating surface wherever you are that is big enough to catch any spillages.

Encouraging a younger generation to reduce waste and recycle from an early age is a vital role we all need to play in order to reduce the volume of rubbish generated by future generations. One way to achieve this is through promoting recycled materials in school supplies.

ECOutlet’s kids range includes backpacks, lunchboxes and aprons made from recycled juice packs. The stationery range includes pencil cases, rulers, notepads, pens and pencils made from a variety of recycled materials including car tyres, packaging, car parts and juice cartons Bright, colourful and interactive, they send a clear message to a younger generation on the possibilities of recycling and how we can all reduce our environmental impact by recycling and choosing recycled products.

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